Packing Wrapping

Packing Wrapping

packing wrapping

We love to wrapping packing and can pack for you. Our furniture removal team can also provide packing materials. Alternatively, you can pack and unpack yourself and save.

Alstonville Furniture Removals can also supply

  • Packing Boxes
  • Mattress, lounge and chair covers
  • Bubble wrap, tape, butchers paper
  • All at a reasonable cost
  • we can also disassemble and assemble beds

Packing Tips

  • Combine items that go together. For example, items from a bedroom, or study go together, and clearly mark the room destination on top and at least one side of every carton
  • Pack heavy items in smaller heavy duty cartons
  • Pack to within 5 centimeters of the carton top to allow cushioning packing with crushed paper
  • Use butchers paper rather than newspaper
  • Place your items in the garage, ready to go, this will keep your cost down
  • Disassemble all beds
  • Place all suitcases and essential items you need in one specified area or store in your car, so they are not loaded in the removal van.
  • Set aside and carry all valuables and important papers with you
  • Ensure children and pets are safe

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